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    Caring for raspberry canes. #gardening #fruits #berries #garden


    Tips on taking care of the raspberry bushes -There's a lovely, soft red rose called "Alexander Mackenzie" that blooms in June each year. It smells like crushed red raspberries, a reminder that brambles are soon on their way....

  • Elizabeth L Kuchera

    How to care for raspberry plants

  • Tayetim Anderson

    Tips on taking care of raspberry bushes // Great Gardens Ideas //

  • Sarah Abbott

    Growing Red Raspberries, Planting Raspberries, How to Grow Raspberries

  • Tiffany Flynn

    How to keep a patch of Red Raspberries healthy, happy and more productive... I would love to have a berry patch "raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries!"

  • Christine Wilson

    How to keep a patch of red raspberries healthy, happy, and more productive. -- if the ones in our yard are still alive!

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Taming raspberry bushes - Blog poster says, "When setting out the new plants they were spaced about 18" apart - but over the years they will spread and quickly fill in the entire bed with new shoots every year. It is important to prune out the old canes every winter when they are dormant."

How to keep a patch of red raspberries healthy, happy and more productive.

Tips on taking care of the raspberry bushes

How to take care of raspberry bushes... I am so glad I found this.

The smooth green 1-year-old canes and the rougher brown 2-year-old canes are easy to tell apart. Each spring, 1-year-old canes are trimmed back to below the fruiting area, and 2-year old canes are removed completely.

Great tips for keeping your berry plants healthy throughout the summer.

Fresh Juicy Raspberries! Taking on the Raspberry Patch. #garden #raspberries