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    J.K. Rowling, thank you! I have never read her novels, and have onle seen one movie, but she has just been added to people I will respect for a very long time!!!

    Oh J.K., it's a sad day when you're overtaken with a shitfest like 50...but you've still got the most badass sense of humor ever!

    JK's reaction to when Matthew Lewis became attractive. this is awesome

    Another reason why JK Rowling is a screaming genius.

    Omg haha. Living in Aus I never realised this, because July IS our mid-winter. Haha. #harrypotter

    "…Love is the most powerful thing of all. I remember thinking that…when 9-11 happened because those last phone calls were all about, the last thing, knowingly that I'm going to say on this earth is, 'I love you.' What's more powerful than that? What's more proof than that? Beyond fear. Beyond death." JK Rowling

    Drawing done by hand in 1999 by JKR. Look Hermione is awkward and has huge teeth and no one remembers!

    JK Rowling was the voice of my childhood and will be to every generation after.

    if you don't know who harry potter is... i dont want to know who you are

    A year ago, I watched live from London the last HP premiere. When JK Rowling said this, I cried my eyes out. I LOVE HER. And I miss HP premieres :(