"Look What The Cat Dragged In" - Poison

Cover art for Poison's Look What the Cat Dragged In, the album that included, "Talk Dirty to Me." Their most feminine glam look, but an album full of dirty heterosexual lyrics.

Joan Jett - joan-jett Photo- Christine as Joan Jett

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - who doesn't like Joan Jett? If there's someone out there who doesn't I'm not sure I want to know them.

Happy Birthday!

Classic magazine pic of pop metal band Poison, looking quite glam and even effeminate at times. They rocked hard, through, and they lived wild. Decadence and subversion with catchy guitar licks.

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Duran Duran ~ first concert I ever went to when I was in the grade. My favorites were John Taylor & Simon LeBon.

To celebrate the premiere of Rock of Ages, look back at your favorite hair band members and see what they're up to these days! G'n'R, Poison, Ratt, Motley Crue, LA Guns, Twisted Sister...What are these guys doing right now?

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The Fug Girls Look Back at Eighties Hair-Band Style -- Vulture


love love (Every Rose has its Thorn) Song of the morning!

Duran Duran

Duran Duran - loved them. I was totally going to marry john Taylor lol

Poison-    Poison- First song I heard was Unskinny Bop- when I was just a young girl on a swim team!

Happy Birthday to Brett Michaels - lead vocalist of the very glamorous metal band POISON. Despite being a diabetic since the age of seven, Bretts grew up to be a sports fanatic and has a fetish for dirt bikes!

Molly Ringwald Fashion Sense. I absolutely love her in her younger days!

Samantha Baker: Suburban teen looking forward to blowing out her birthday candles with friends & family only to find out that everyone has forgot but the school geek. Portrayed by Molly Ringwald)

CC Deville of Poison

Miniature Guitar - CC Deville - B.C Rich Skeleton Skull White Custom