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  • Claire Marsh

    The Write Way: Brought to You By the Grammar Police Ha! Ha! Wish someone would post this on Facebook, along with how to use your, you're, its, it's and about a hundred others! It's sad that people didn't absorb these simple rules when they were in school.

  • Anita Lee

    Grammar Police! The Write Way: 8 Commonly Misused Words!

  • Pattie Durham

    The Write Way-Misused Words. A huge pet peeve of mine. Learn English peeps!!

  • Leslie Carpenter

    Eight Commonly Misused Words - Writers Write - I want this in poster form!!!

  • Cass Oliver

    Learning a language is a complex and long process and the English language is a no easy bet. Whether English is your mother tongue or your second, th

  • Sarah Innamorato

    Grammar lesson.

  • Deborah Newman

    The Write Way I don't think they teach this in schools anymore.

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Posted with a desire to help myself and others look a little less silly. :)

10 Most Commonly Misused Words [Grammar, vocabulary] - hmmmph!? I thought "PERUSE" meant "to skim over" when reading... REDUNDANT & ENORMITY also are new definitions for me... BUT, we all know that CONVERSATE IS NOT A WORD, right!?

FREE Grammar poster: Lie vs. Lay My college professor illustrated this well by lying down on a huge table (lie), then standing on the table, hold a huge dictionary above his head, dropping it onto the table, and saying, "I LAY the book on the table." He did this several times. I've never forgotten the difference. But this is a good graphic.

FREE: They're, There, & Their

Grammar: Commonly Misused Words. Great for non-native English speakers like me. I do these kind of mistakes frequently, but I do get better for every day. :)

Free grammar poster: Who's vs. Whose

punctuation - Even more than a poster, i'd like it as a handout for each student's reference binder.

Verb or Noun Sort - Cut and paste activity A plus that the students can sound out and read most words independently

Certainly an interesting twist on this. I could see it really helping some kids to remember the difference!

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