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Robin Circa

Robin 1927

Robin Robin

Robin Winnie

Winnie Pooh

Life Winnie

Winnie Ther

Pooh Christopher

Original Christopher

The Real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, 1926-28

1934 Inspired

Inspired Alice

Wonderland Retronaut

Liddell 1852

Liddell Hargreaves

Wonderland Alice

Wonderland Madness

Carroll Alice

Real Alice

The real Alice in Wonderland, Alice Lindell 1862. Her family was friends with the author, he penned the story for her when she was 10.

Paris 1885

Paris About

Chazelles Paris

Paris Blog

Left Paris

Streets Of Paris

Old Paris

Liberty Paris

Liberty France

The Statue of Liberty in Paris, 1886.

Amelia Earheart

Horse Feathers

The Marx Brothers

Brothers Harpo

Vintage Photography

Photography Black


Old Hollywood

Things Hollywood

Harpo Marx and Amelia Earhart

Suffrage Susan

Women S Suffrage

Amazing Women In History

History Women

Remarkable Women

Influential Women In History

Womens History Month

Wonderful Women

Phenomenal Women

Susan B Anthony: Arrested for voting

Pooh Stuffed

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Animals

Life Stuffed

Stuffed Stuff

Original Stuffed

Original Toys

Original Pooh

Original Friends

the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals that belonged to the real life Christopher Robin:

Famous Authors Photos

Famous Writers

Stuffed Bear

Acre Wood

Aa Milne

31 1956

Real Gem

Creepy Pic

Canadian Soldiers

A.A. Milne, Christopher Robin and Christopher's teddy bear, the inspiration for Winnie-the-Pooh.

Baby Singing

Singing Style

Jones Singing

Dancing Style

Performed Regularly

Ms Esther

Boop Esther

Esther Baby

Helen Kane

real life Betty Boop

Pleasance Liddell

Alice Pleasance

Carroll Alice

Lewis Carroll S

Carroll Charles

Carroll British

Carroll English

British 1852

Carroll Black

The real Alice in Wonderland. Alice Liddell 1862

City Montana

Glasgow Montana

Montana Style

Montana Photo

Don T

Funny Stuff

Random Stuff

Odd Stuff

Funny Shit

For real?? Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937.

Cowgirls Boots Etc

Cowgirls Don T

Retro Cowgirls

West Girl

West Woman

Vintage Cowgirl

Cowboy Cowgirl

Cowboy Stuff

Roping Cows

Real women of the west were ranchers who confronted the elements while roping cows and mending fences. Sadly, very little was documented about women working to drive cattle up the trails of the Old West.

Secret Papers

Machine Enigma

1912 1954

Turing 1912

Alan Mathison

Mathison Turing

German Enigma

Bletchley Park

Secret Bletchley

Man's inhumanity to Man. Young Alan Turing (age 16) - founder of computer science, helped win World War II by decrypting the german coding machine Enigma. After the war he was tried in court for being gay, found guilty, forced to take castration pills, and then driven to commit suicide.

Love 3


Sweet Love


Old Love

Super Sweet

Darn Sweet

Luv Luv

Super Fun


Photo Josephine

Josephine Baker

1963 Josephine

History Black

Our History

Folk History

Afro History

History Bits

History Freak

Josephine Baker & Lena Horne March on Washington 1963. SHUT IT DOWN

Highest Decorated

Decorated American

Decorated Soldier

Highly Decorated

York War

Sgt York

York American

American History

York Sons

Alvin York, from Newport, TN, who became the most highly decorated soldier of World War I.

Winnie The Pooh 1926

Real Winnie

Pooh 1925

Rhe Pooh

Pooh Doesn'T

Pooh Bears

Toy Bears

Teddy Bears

Robin 1926

The Real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin

Army Air

Us Army

In The Army

Shell Cut

Age Clark

44 Ww

Gable Enlisted

20Mm Shell

Draft Age

Clark Gable (1901-1960) Major US Army Air Corps 1942-44 WW II. Although beyond draft age, Clark Gable enlisted as a private. Assigned to OCS he excelled and received a commission. He flew five combat mission as an observer/gunner in a B-17earning a Distinguished Flying Cross and an Air Medal. On his fourth mission, a 20mm shell cut the heel from his boot. His discharge was signed by Captain Ronald Reagan. Gable starred in 67 movie films.

Dead Brother

Younger Brother

Younger Child

Baby Brother


Cremation Pyre

Cremation Site

Dead Younger

Pyre 1945

Real-life Grave of the Fireflies: (Photo) Stoic Japanese orphan, standing at attention having brought his dead younger brother to a cremation pyre, Nagasaki, by Joe O’Donnell 1945 The sad story in the comments. I cried reading it. :(

Wwii Soviet

Soviet Sniper

Snipers Wwii

Sniper 1944

Famous Snipers

Famous Soviet

Female Snipers

Soviet Female

Army Sniper

A dangerous woman in the most literal sense, Senior Sergeant Roza Shanina was a sniper in the WWII Soviet Army. She racked up at least 54 kills of German soldiers before her death from wounds at age 20. She served part of the time in an all-woman sniper unit. Before the war she worked as a kindergarten teacher.


A time when women couldn't run a marathon.

Entire Marathon

Nyc Marathon

Marathon Despite

Marathon Woman

Female Marathon

First Marathon

Women'S Marathon

Olympic Marathon

Marathon Running

In 1967, Katherine Switzer became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. As you can see, the race organizer was none too happy about it. The other runners blocked him from stopping her and she went on to finish the race #women #badass #getchyohandsoffme #bostonmarathon #running #triathalon #marathon #biatholon #training #soflete #women

Tree 1910

Tree Circa

Alice Boughton

Boughton 1866

Old Photos

Vintage Photos

Old Photographs

1945 Photos

Vintage Portraits

I have to say this is one of the beautiful post Mortem photos I have seen yet. Photo by Alice M. Boughton, ~ 1910... The woman on the left is deceased while the woman on the right looks to be holding her. They look to be sisters. This is a beautiful picture though.