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George Washington Parke Custis - c. 1846 - 1849

West Parlor

Downstairs Bedroom




Garret Bedchamber

Eastman Johnson, Washington's Kitchen, Mount Vernon, 1864.

The Little Parlor - contains a harpsichord imported from London in 1793 as a gift for Mrs. Washington's youngest granddaughter, Nelly.

New Room

New Room - sideboard

Rustication - all four walls of Mount Vernon are rusticated. Wood is cut and beveled at regular intervals to simulate stone blocks and sand is added to the surface to suggest the texture of stone.

Blacksmith Shop

Mount Vernon Servants' Hall

Mount Vernon Spinning Room

Mount Vernon Dung Repository

Mount Vernon - Old George Washington Tomb

Fanny Bassett (1767-1796) Niece of Martha Washington and grew up to marry George Washington's nephew George Augustine Washington.

Mount Vernon - Coach House

Martha Parke Custis (1756-1773) | Daughter of Martha Washington by her first marriage. She was plagued by seizures which progressed in frequency and severity during her lifetime. She died at age 17 in the throes terrible seizure.

Outhouse @ Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon illustration

Mount Vernon Slave Quarters - Women's Bunk Room

Born in the Blue Room at Mount Vernon in 1777, Martha Parke Custis Peter, known as Patty, was the granddaughter of Martha Washington and the first mistress of Tudor Place.

George Washington's Mount Vernon Lower Kitchen Garden, Alexandria, Virginia, USA