knock ping pong balls off golf tees with water guns

Ping Pong ball Nerf targets - Super easy DIY carnival game, get original white or neon colored ping pong balls at Balloon 'n Novelty! carnival game ideas, diy games, fall festival ideas, games and prizes, school carnival BALLOON-N-NOVELTY.COM

Balloon Ping Pong - awesome for indoor recess or a brain break!

Water Balloon Pinatas are perfect for a hot summer day of fun

A DIY Lego Marble Run that is fun for the kids to make, educational as well as encouraging as they are able to play with a toy that they made themselves!

Plastic Jug Ball Catcher: Turn empty plastic milk jugs & bleach bottles into a game of catch. You can make this ball & catcher set for one, or double up & make 2 catchers for 2 players. You make the ball out of newspaper & tape so you can decide how hard to make it. Ideal for preschoolers.

Lots of camping games here

Frisbee Tic Tac Toe skip the shower curtain and just paint the grid directly on the grass!

All for the Boys - All for the Boys - (WATER FUN) CUP RACES!

How to Make a Tether Ball - I loved playing tether all as a kid. Definitely must do for mine.

Old fashion FUN!

Great idea!! Look what I found!! BUBBLE REFILL STATION I thought this was a fantastic idea, reuse an empty laundry detergent container...rinse it out several times, removed the labels, used a Sharpie to decorate it, and filled the container with bubble soap. Easy sneezy!!! The kids will love having it right outside to quickly refill their bubble guns when they run out of soap. Great summer idea! For more great fun ideas join me

Summer fun. Grown ups will have fun too. A trip to the dollar tree is in store today.

This is easier than water balloons - and the fun can go on for hours! This is completely genius! No Balloon Pieces To Clean Up!

Fun activity to dig for dinosaurs

Play with these Sponge Balls instead of water balloons on a hot summer day! All day fun for the kiddos