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PMI surveys signal steepest economic downturn for 6½ years.(September 3rd 2015)

This one number explains how China is taking over the world

The US is not pivoting it's rebalancing.(May 3rd 2012)

The Trade Deficit signals the end of the old export economic model.(March 15th 2012)

HSBC Flash China PMI Still Contracting

HSBC PMI shows China is still contracting.(April 22nd 2012)

China GDP charted against HSBC PMI.(April 13th 2012)

Xi Says China No Threat, Announces Military Cuts at Parade

China stockpiling African Crude signals concerns over a strike on Iran. (April 23rd 2012)

Monti pushes Rajoy to the "unstigmatized" official bailout request.(September 7th 2012)