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Target's 2-Day Sale lady totally frightens me

She's so hilarious!

OMG! hahahaha... Dear Twilight fans, Thank you for making us look sane and well-adjusted. Sincerely, Trekkies... You will <3 this Bobs! @Robyn Bates


Children Literature These Days

Children Literature These Days. This is terrifying

Brilliant! Hahahaha!!!!! I was totally into it too!


Why can’t you see it?

I laughed too hard

Shakespeare Thrift Shoppe When iambic pentameter comes in handy XD oh my gosh I know what iambic pentameter is now that my honors English class just finished Romeo and Juliet


Macklemore in Shakespearean times…

Macklemore in Shakespearean times…my friend loves the original from Shakespeare Lyrics, but I like the iambic pentameter version WAY more. :)


Another way to see it…

Another way to see it...


Older Audrey Hepburn…

YES. This is why I love her


Why Paul McCartney will always have my respect…

Thats awesome

Strong women, got to love them. #HarryPotter #Twilight #StarWars #StarTrek #DoctorWho #DonnaNoble #DoctorDonna