Italian Buttercream - This is the frosting that you'll find on many wedding cakes. Its silky texture is unparalleled, it pipes like a dream, and can be flavored and colored in as many ways as you can imagine. While it takes a little time to make, it freezes quite well. It's great to have on hand for unexpected occasions.

The Best Frosting {a.k.a. Magical Frosting} Recipe ~ poster said: I've never seen a recipe for frosting like this. Said to be "The Best Frosting . After taking a taste of this frosting, I was left completely speechless. No words. None. Just absolute, incredible tastebud bliss."

how to make stabilized whipped cream frosting, just like on cakes from the frosting ever!

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The BEST cream cheese buttercream frosting recipe! Only 3 ingredients, 5 minutes, and SO yummy--you'll never buy the store bought kind ever again!❤️

How to frost like a pro.

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This cake would be the best to have for celebrating with tom.

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How to get a perfectly smooth buttercream icing finish. - for those who don't love the taste of fondant but still want the look of it...

Buttercream Frosting

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Icing Cupcakes: Love this reference. Shows you what cupcakes look like with different tips and models how to ice them, and how to do a reverse swirl to make a rose.

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