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THIS is what i want my room to look like!

LOVE this Blanket Ladder! would be great for the living room since I LOVE throws and they definitely clutter the place up if not put away

DIY photo ladder - with a twist. Pretty sure I've got plenty branches out in my yard right now. Off I go...

rustic organizing shelves from old ladder

Love! I found a ladder and paid $2.00 for it at a garage sale with hope I could find a great thing to do with it! SO excited!

how-to-use-an-old-ladder-as-a-display........great idea

we're fairly small here at TFTC HQ so this would come in handy.. ..nice colourage of utilatarian (have we spelt that right) object. xxx we'll call it The Fiesta..

TO DO: Check out birch trees in backyard for potential branches for this project. If nothing promising, then head for the woods!

Lots of ideas come to mind...

love the idea of using a retro ladder for magazines or towels

Twig picture - for Tori. We used a rustic wooden frame & sticks from the front yard. It looks awesome hanging over her bed.

Apple Ladder Love Blocks by CoalCountryGathering on Etsy, $70.00