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Military Diet: Lose Up To Ten Pounds In Three Days

military diet....trying this to jump off my plateau! Day one, hasn't been bad! Had to substitute the grapefruit for 1/2 tsp baking soda in water and Extra Strength Excedrin for coffee!

3 DAY MILITARY DIET - LOSE UP TO 10 LBS IN 3 DAYS...I could totally do this! If anything this "diet" cleans out your system.

I just want to be healthy and get on with LIFE! Here are 10 ways to lose weight, even for the WEAKEST of us all!

The 3-1-2-1 diet : eat and cheat your way to weight loss-- up to 10 pounds in 21 days - Dolvett Quince

Hhhmmmm...Quick weight loss program, for that event or special occasion. This is not a diet to continue longer than the 7 days

3 Day Diet. Day 3 Breakfast. Lost 9.5 in 2 Days.....i can do anything for 3 days

Healthy Food Motivational Pictures - Diet tips Check out Dieting Digest

Losing weight doesn't have to be a boring, agonizing journey! When you focus on these simple strategies, you'll actually enjoy the process while you drop the pounds. via SparkPeople