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Momentum Showroom

Sheila Hicks

Neocon 2013

Textile Collection






The Momentum showroom was filled with works by Sheila Hicks to celebrate the eponymous new textile collection done in collaboration with the artist. #neocon13

Showroom Neocon13

Momentum Showroom

Sheila Hicks

Neocon 2013


More works by Sheila Hicks at the Momentum showroom #neocon13

Textile Tapestry Art

Hicks Textile

Textiles Art

Weaving Textiles



Hicks Installation

Exhibition Installation

Installations Sculptures

Sheila Hicks

Textiles Quilts Embroidery

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Art Textile Collage Paper

Photo Art Fiber And Textile

Lynettehaggard Blogspot

Hicks Fibre

Suspended Sheila

Unpublished Photo

Unpublished photo by Cristobal Zanartu, Cour de Rohan, Paris 2010. Photo courtesy of Sheila Hicks. #weaving #fiber #fibre

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Textile Photo


Neocon Trends

2013 Neocon

Colors Finishes

Materials Finishes

Stinson Swivel

Stinson Neocon13

Textiles Fun Materials

Witness 2013

Neocon13 Street

Swivel, The Aerial Collection by Stinson. #NeoCon13 #NeoConography

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Jacquedesigns textile art

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

21 Works Of Art For The Office Supply Fetishist In You

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Herb Williams Crayon Wildfire Sculptures | 21 Works Of Art For The Office Supply Fetishist InYou

Wall Designtex

Showroom Wall

Neoconography 2013

Merchandise Mart

Neocon 2013

Illustration Watercolor



Showroom wall @Designtex_Inc #neocon13 #neoconography @ The Merchandise Mart

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

21 Works Of Art For The Office Supply Fetishist In You

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Imperfect Plant

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Imperfect Plant by Cas Holmes.

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Aurèlia Muñoz [Spanish artist, 1926-2011] | Macra Ocell [Macramé, 1970]

Art Vase

Vase 1

Media Vase

Sculpted Vase

Fabric Sculpted

Boxes Vases Bowls

Textile Sculpture

1 Flickr

Flickr Photo

combine with facial wire sculpture to give dimension with color.

Etsyfrom Etsy

Textile wall hanging hand embroidered faux gem in emerald green with glass beads on canvas MADE TO ORDER

Textile Faux

Large Textile

Textile Embroidered

Textile Wall

Glittery Embroidery

Embellishment Embroidery

Emerald Gem

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Gem Wall

Textile wall hanging hand embroidered faux gem by AnAstridEndeavor

Textile 3D

Textile Mixed

Fiber Textiles

Textile Stuff

2012 Coiled

Steps 2012

Coiled Waxed

Ferne Jacobs

Fibers Sculpture

Contemporary Basketry: Suspended

Etsyfrom Etsy

Fabric sculpture -Large moth textile art

Animals Textiles

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Creative Textiles

Textures Textiles

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Textiles Ideas

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Fabric Animals

Plush Animals

This textile moth sculpture is just awe-inspiring.

2013 Neocon Trends

Textiles Maharam

Instagram Textiles

Lisa Fay

Neoconography 2013

Jun 10

02Pm Utc

Instagram Photo


Textiles maharam #neocon13 #neoconography

Artistic Studies

1944 Artistic

Illust Embroidery

Pattern Textile Embroidery

Artist Eliane

Art Dentelle

Lace Figure

Primitive Textile

Stitching Sanity

Dentelle-général| Eliane Larus

Linen Animals

Wire Art Animals

Textile Animals

Fabric Animals

Fabric Dogs

Drawn Animals

Wire Natural

Natural Linen

Smokes Handmade

Handmade linen animals by Holy Smoke.

Neocon13 Street

Inspired Sustainable

Wall Tells

Ms Graphic

Alert It S

Street Thread

Showroom Wall

Neoconography 2013

It S Starting

#NeoCon13 #neoconography