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Book Drunkard

I am simply a book drunkard: books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee. I cannot withstand them.

performance vs. rehearsal...yep, pretty much sums it up

14 Horrible Situations for Book Lovers to Be in

Film vs Book comparison using iceberg. And this is why I have usually read the book you are talking about but rarely have seen or even heard there was a movie based on it.

a good library

A good library will never be too neat nor too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them. I would love a library in my home.


Book poster "Reading one book is like eating one potato chip". I am the same with only reading one chapter at a time, it never works. Do you always read a chapter at a time, or can you put a book down mid-chapter? I know i know I can't


When somebody says "it's just a book" smile, because they just don't understand

Love it!

AUTHOR QUOTES - “I don't believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Bibliophile: a lover of books; one who loves to read, admire collect books! I think I am a Bibliophile!

Great quote from Mark Twain #reading #books #quotes

Great quote from Mark Twain #reading #books #quotes

I love these words. BOOKS. Delicious books.

"Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey." So true Anna Quindlen!

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