Good old times!

I hated having to choose which one to take on trips!

Oh yes : )

Hahahaha all the time!


So true

So glad my girls are able to relate to this!!!

More often than not.

Next time a stranger talks to me… HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA I wish I could keep a straight face to do this.

I couldn't not post it incase it came true

I have a see through front door....

yess! used to love it!

totally true.

That happens to me every time I sing!

Do this all the time :)

all the time.


I do this all the time...

So True!!! Once upon a time, i thought Facebook was the ultimate place to waste time...then i was introduced to Pinterest.

Just pin it anyway - it never hurts to have a backup pin! :) #Pinterest #funny #quotes haha thought that many times...