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    Good old times!



    • Katie Pegum

      Childhood defined. This is so true! My sister and I use to play this all the time. Good times, good times!

    • Megan Greene

      Omg, this was the best game of my childhood. My dad would be the "lava monster" and my sister and I would jump on his back and try to defeat him :)

    • Tessa Seely

      Item #94: Relive my childhood with my adult friends by playing childhood lava monster, chase, cops & robbers, etc.

    • Christina Honts Kelly

      Loved playing hot lava monster when i was kid. Climed trees, swingsets, furniture, houses, etc just to avoid burning! Great memories!

    • Maria Mercer Bliss Dropper

      Childhood... oh the hot lava days! Now my kids love to play it!

    • Nina

      My cousin and my sister and I call it the hot lava came!!! haha

    • Jen Engh

      Want my kids to do this & more. Love my childhood memories.

    • Milissa Avgerinos

      kids still play "hot lava"... Good times!

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