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  • Luxury Perfume

    A deep masculine scent that oozes of classic elegance designed for the modern man who love to express their masculinity with a vintage scent that has stood the test of time. English Leather Cologne by Dana is a leather fragrance that has been in the market since 1949 and was actually designed in the United Kingdom by an affiliate to Dana fragrance house. The scent opens with sense awakening notes of bergamot, lavender, lemon and orange which ease to a sweet heart of rose, honey and iris. The exp

  • Tony McClees

    Remember English Leather?

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Indian Earth Powder

Catching tadpoles in the neighborhood creek

clogs, wooden-soled very heavy shoes. So in style in late 70's. When I was in 3rd grade, there was this girl in my class who always wore huge bell bottoms & wooden clogs kinda like these. I though it looked so cool. I myself never had bell bottoms or clogs. : )

wrap around skirts (were so easy to make).

Big Chief Tablets ... boomer nostalgia

ID bracelets - at my school in the 1960s boys gave girls their ID bracelets when they were going steady.

bronzed baby shoes and framed portrait

My grandma had one of these..memories!

Remember these? I love you this much

Retro Vintage 1970s Latch Hook Hanging Rug Sunset and Seagull Wall Art

I think I remember this cover!

remember the old A & P grocery...

Retro color wheel for the aluminum Christmas tree!

Batons... You didn't have to be a majorette to have one.

Camp Fire Girls

Spider plants in macrame hangers


Christmas pins

Floating ducks at the fair.

maple...we called these "helicopters" and love throwing them and chasing them.

I loved the smell!