Eye-Opening Need vs Want Illustrations by Erin Hanson


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Sometimes this seems true

I will offend and/or swear

All work and no play make me a pale girl. http://inspirationfeed.com/inspiration/artists/20-eye-opening-need-vs-want-illustrations-by-erin-hanson/

"Chili" Food, Object or Animal by Cape Town, South Africa-based freelance artist Jaco Haasbroek is a series of cute and clever minimalist illustrations of food, objects and animals. You can view mo...

LOL! That's the truth for groceries, clothes and home stuff! If it's me buying yarn & fiber...then it's like shopping with the SUPER-enabler!

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so true!


So true.

this is me

Well, it's true.

LIES!!!! I am a redhead lol

..oh, how you have to love accounting humor

Tee hee! Love tech... too much?