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Troglodyte village in IRAN 700 years old - In the north west of Iran at the foot of Mount Sahand in Kandovan, The villagers live in cave homes carved out from the volcanic rock. The age of some houses is more than 700 years.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel built into volcanic   rock, Cappadocia, Turkey.  Photo: JRaptor, via Flickr

Gamirasu Cave Hotel built into volcanic rock, Cappadocia, Turkey. So very serene and looking out on the plains of cappadocia while having breakfast is the best start to a day

Unique House Built Into The Rock Hill in Terre, Italy.  Go to www.YourTravelVideos.com or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

Unique House Built Into The Rock. Just proves that creativity in design isn't new! Love the way they interspersed the different colored bricks, and the way te design blends with the rocks!


An interesting eco-friendly house design is the "Tree House". Actually building a house within a tree will definitely put you at one with nature.

Haushan mountain starways, China

The most dangerous hike in the world: Hiking Mt. Huashan in China . a steep trail of great heights (& the 90 degree staircases). South Peak altitude = feet meters) in Huashan, China.

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Äscher cliff restaurant in the Alpstein area of Switzerland. Ascher cliff restaurant in the area of ​​Switzerland Alpstein Ascher make that dream a meal here. Imagina que sonho fazer uma refeição aqui.

Las casas de España es muy pequeño y las casas cerca de otro casas.

Cave houses are probably very different from what you imagine. Today's cave houses are not the primitive homes of times gone by. A modern cave house can be anything from a cosy country cottage to a cave house hotel.

Southern Spain "El camino del Rey"

"El Caminito del Rey (English: The King's little pathway) is a walkway, now fallen into disrepair, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Álora in the province of Málaga, Spain.