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I called it. good riddance . Some things never change. People don't know the real you... What a b**** you really are! Acting all innocent and like you're this wonderful mom and wife bullshit! Don't forget all the lies and manipulative things you have done.



I don't need anyone. If you're in my life, it's because I value you and want you there

It...just feels nice to listen to other people's problems and not worry about my own...THEN they're making me even more sad because it's 10x worse than what I'm upset about...embrace the moods.

I don't know what to do with my love life; I don't know what I want and I am afraid I am only pushing the people that might be meant to be in my life away.

Just like me, no one will ever understand until they walk in my shoes and vise versa.. Pain and hurt will change a person and make them do the most unpredictable things and turn them into some they are not.. It's a sad thin g, I've lived through it for 3 years so I know how it can break you down and tear you apart.

Why we need to understand math... Just thought of a cool idea for extra credit, have students find and bring in pictures of "bad math" they see in everyday life. Can be run for the whole marking period w/ a limit of possible points. Then display them on a bulletin board.

I know there is a God because I have encountered Him in very personal ways countless times; He changed my heart & life, Ive seen Him in creation & at work all around me, but even if I didnt, I completely agree with this quote. The life lived as if there