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    • Sara Guerra

      This was posted by another in a humorous light, but honestly how different would the history of Ireland, England and the US have been if not for the potato and the potato famine?

    • Lisa Hawthorne

      So I don't actually know if it's worth reading, but....the social influence of the potato?!? Come on--it's at least worth looking through for a laugh!

    • Amber Williams

      I'm such a history buff that this is a book I would read. The potato actually plays a huge part in how the world turned out

    • Feline related moniker Dutch Surname

      *blush* Currently reading a book on the history of cod- I would *so* read one about potatoes... Written by Samwise Gamgee, a Hobbit from the Shire <--- pinning for that comment. Perfect.

    • Let Me Wine a Little

      Vodka is made from potatoes. Maybe they should re-title the book. Because I'm willing to guess the History and Social Influence of Vodka would fly off the shelf.

    • Alice Schow Bowman

      There are books on just about everything. "The History And Social Influence Of The Potato."

    • Audrey Dubois

      The Historical and Social Influence of the Potato. Sounds like a book worth reading.

    • nickel jh

      the history and social influence of the potato. I really want to read this book.

    • Rumpkullan

      The history and social influence of the potato - sounds like a thriller.

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