Key chain iPhone charger. $35

Thumb-Lite :: stick on LED lights for keys

so cute...

USB Drive. Security code to protect your info.

Plug Bug by twelvesouth: Simultaneously charge your MacBook and your iPhone or iPad. Also works as a stand alone charger. $34.95 #Plug_Bug #MacBook_Charger #iPhone_Charger #iPad_Charger

WOODEN keyboard

A camera that enhances photos you take with your iPhone.... (may be worth getting an iphone)

cool way to keep kids out or just to keep your stuff safe. the latch remains hidden and your magnet key opens it when you need it!

water bottle with pocket for key, money, card. this is seriously genius.

The Bobine. So cool! A super bendy phone cable and tripod in one

Jogger's Wrist pocket; Keep cash, your key & your phone secure on your wrist…

iPhone Photo Cube Printer- want one.

Now you can watch the videos and view the pictures on your iPhone / iPod Touch wherever you are (as long as it's dark I guess).

Thanks to my 3 hour layover, I found this little gem at Brookstone. My iphone burns through the battery and now I have this handle battery charger to keep me going.

The iPhone Charger You Can Keep On Your Key chain

iPhone mini dock - saves desk space & cord tangle!

key chain attachment that allows you to cut seatbelt and punch out your car window in case of an accident.

solar iPhone and iPad charger

Solar charger

Stowaway iPhone 4 Case **-**

iPhone case with card holder. This would be so convienient!