And my heart's at home when my hand is holding yours ღ

Soulmate #quote

You make my heart smile =)

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One is a choice and one is not (: The key is to keep choosing even though the choice is already made for you :P <3

I'll just try my hardest to not do those things and I'll still won't be perfect but I will love you with every extent if my heart and that's the part where you won't find another boy who loves you more than me

Physically, emotionally...in all the ways that matter.

Yum lol jk. And I like that outfit baby girl! I love U soo much honey pie Ur absolutely amazing. And yes there was but I didn't watch it yet lols. I hope Ur ok. If U make spaghetti I will eat it honey.



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Couple quotes

and you make my heart glow

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Oh god this is beyond true ❤❤

Even on bad days, I'll still be happy with you.

The first thing would be to hold on...to each other..you went to Canada!! Can not forgive that