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New shared data plans will probably change the way we look at cell phones. Not only does it suggest that we are migrating from a talk oriented plan to data oriented one, but it also hints at future device we may use, they may need only data connection and no actual talk and text plans.

How many holdouts do you know who would switch to a #smartphone if the data plan were free? Repin to share this deal!

The MBTA has announced it plans to adapt the current CharlieCard system to a cheaper and easier Smartphone Rail Ticketing System. Will this change the rates of Boston train fares?

twig for iPhone

A judge rules that #Android can’t infringe on #Oracle’s #copyrights because #APIs can’t be copyrighted in the first place. Repin if you prefer #innovation to litigation!

a report from International Data Corporation (IDC) projected that worldwide PC shipments would fall by 10.1 percent in 2013 over the previous year.

The #iPhone fingerprint sensor is the latest in #smartphone security.

More #mobile #apps than ever are providing users with #privacy policies. Do you read privacy policies? Repin and let us know!

A new app combining chess and reversi is available on iPad and Android tablets.

It's not a great week to be making smartphones in China for sale in the U.S. Could more consumer tech be made in America?

#Apple releases the new #iPhone 5C and 5S.

Last week, the FBI seized three domains hosting pirated #Android apps. Is Android security a concern for you?

❥ cool iPhone app for sending cute messages.

Verizons Innovation Center: Incubating the next generation of connected devices keeps the dumb pipe naysayers at bay

20+ Facts About The Psychology of Social Sharing #infographic

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