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Making Jewelry From Polymer Clay

Making Jewelry From Polymer Clay | Jo-Ann

The Nice Nichefrom The Nice Niche

Rachel Dein, Tactile Studio

This week on, SPRING (finally!)—captured in gorgeous plastic casts— Rachel Dein of Tactile Studio Rachel Dein's method of plaster casting captures flowers and foliage in a unique and delicate way. She creates her original casts by making an impression in wet clay and then pouring plaster directly over it. The clay captures the most intricate details, subtly accenting the plaster as it sets... read more #art #flowers #london

TUTORIAL - detailed step by step instructions (with cutting templates) for making and decorating clay pump shoes - can vary height of heel and decorate in any style - from Lakeside Pottery

Ceramic Arts Daily | Expert tips for great pottery glazing results, plus 3 three glaze recipes (Warm Jade Green ^6, Shelly's Blue ^6, and Licorice Black ^6).