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Cómo hacer pinceles hechos en casa de cerámica para hacer marcas que son realmente tuyos

making your own molds with paper clay which does not require baking (air dries) and can be painted, easy to trim

Happy Together: Charming Clay Flowers Tutorial -good tutorial with a few pictures -Clay (the kind you bake to harden it) -Something for the center (a vintage earring on the brooch and a small bead on the earrings) -Wax paper -Pan to bake it in -A strong glue (E-600, industrial strength glue) -Clay glaze (Sculpey Glaze from Micheal's) -Desired backing (pin back, etc)

What a cool texture and stamp, and all with a ball point pen. Nice!

pigeon road pottery: Decorating With Clay Sprigs

make your own all you need is some clay and a toothpick (one of those metal ceramic probe thingies would probably work better but i think i left mine in storage...). start by taking a small piece of clay and flatten it in the shape you want your feather to be in. i started by tracing where i wanted the center quill of the feather to be and pressed down everywhere else so that the quill was the only raised area. then just use your toothpick and make lines down on either side of the quill. it'

Most people think of sprig molds as press-molded decorative elements that are affixed to work, but Blair Clemo uses sprigs as part of his construction proces...

Use the Makins Extruder & polymer to create really cool texture plates. Another alternative to carving and getting rounded lines!

I love the surface design on this mug. blue and tan mug from Twisted Terra,White stoneware, thrown and carved. Reduction fired.

der Walfisch ist für Trockenfutter und die Maus daneben für Nassfutter und die rot glasierte Schale für nur so - sagt Poldi und hat es ganz oben auf seine Weihnachts-Wunschliste gesetzt....... (Clay Opera - Miss Moss)

LaPella has a great tut for making clay stamps. Wonder how durable they would be with faux bone?