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Lavender Syrup

Lavender Syrup is a perfect addition to ice cream, fruit tarts, lemonade, teas or cocktails. This is wonderful over vanilla ice cream! I can't wait to try it in hot chocolate. I decided to forgo the extra coloring, so it just has a slightly greenish tint.

Homemade Bacon Salt by thewannabechef: Sprinkle on mashed potatoes, seared steak or use it to rim a martini glass. #Bacon_Salt #thewannabechef

Fruit Simple Syrups

Simple syrup is a sweet, concentrated liquid made by boiling water and sugar together and it’s used in drinks and can be poured over cakes and other desserts. With the addition of fruit, the syrup takes on the flavor and color of the fruit.

Lavender & Honey Iced Latte

{picture & recipe creds to Off The Beat Inspired} I'm dying to try this recipe and I hope that many of you will be interested too. If any of you try it out before I do, leave a comment below an...

Banana Lassi ( Indian Yogurt Drink) by Spicie Foodie: Banana + yogurt + cardamom +/- honey! #Banana_:assi #Indian #Spicie_Foodie