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Old Scales.... Just picked one of these old vintage scales up at an estate sale last weekend

Retro telephones - not so long ago these were so normal although it does feel like forever!

[tangerine tango] I ---I just bought a red phone like this at a thrift store! Wish I could get the dial open to put a piece of decorative paper in it.

The old phone is ringing. Who is calling? Is the call for you or someone else? Why are they calling you?

beechwood 4-5789...hahaha...yep, these were our phones! You could stretch those cords all over the house to get away from nosey listeners...and they were sturdy! Indestructible!

Love this vintage phone. Would be a really cool home phone. (If people still had those these days)

Vintage telephone, from the 50s before that there was no curly cord. Just cord like on an iron.

This may not be considered "art" if you consider the other pieces that we've curated on this board, but one cannot deny that vintage phones have a splendid design element...and isn't that art?