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    • Jem Marshall

      Ahhhhhh I love this movie and I need to meet this man! How cute =)

    • Grimbart

      Art-Sci: Real People who Look Like Cartoon Characters

    • Brenda Valles

      The real life Carl from Pixar's UP! Love the movie #pixar #up

    • Serena Flame

      Up funnies | old man from pixar animated movie UP real life cartoon characters ...

    • Layne Poliseno

      27 Cartoon Characters with Their Real Life Look alikes

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    selfie lmao it took me a little bit to figure out what was going on here when I did thought this was hilarious.

    Yes I know it's fanart. Most of what I post is fanart. Awesome fanart. LIKE THIS WHICH IS AWESOME. ♥ ♥ ♥

    How to make a girl cry…(seriously, I think this is WAY funnier than any human should)

    You're*, Taylor... a perfect example of why the stupid should not be allowed to prosper.

    A Brief History of Amanda Bynes (GIF)... Why Amanda, Why

    I knew this movie was based off a real person!

    Just think of Sauron as a good guy. Okay? (Actually no, that's not okay, but this picture is still pretty funny xD)

    Freddie Mercury is a legend. He was a wayyyy better singer and songwriter than anyone today. ( in my opinion he is, you don't have to agree with it)

    If anyone needs any ideas for me.. :)

    You're not my real mom! lol ...........click here to find out more googydog.com