List of tasks children can master, by age, to gradually gain independence.

Teaching children how to have good character.

20 Conversation Starters for Kids - FREE PRINTABLE

Hard lessons for kids...

Busy Kids = Happy Mom: Life Skills

Something to think about


15 things a Mom should teach her boys

Kids chores on appropriate age scale.

I must have one for my 2nd child

Life Skills For Children: We have compiled 10 skills for you that will help you understand the importance of life skills for children which are very useful and universally acknowledged for kids to learn. #parenting

About-me-this-year, printable interview for kids

Ohh, who doesn't dread the sex talk! So much help here!

"Technology Tickets". Each Sunday give the kids 10 tickets. Each ticket = 30 minutes of t.v., game system, computer, etc. Tickets can be used consecutively, but when they are out they are out for the week.

Great list, adults even need this list these days!

parent by personality type, interesting

toddler food ideas... a good list of options when I draw a blank or get into a rut!

Mom and Me Journal a great way to connect with your children #ParentingTips #Kids #Journal

Funny Teaching a Kid How to Tie Their Shoes

avoid power struggles