• Kristen Gilpin

    The Codex Argenteus (or "Silver Bible") is a 6th century manuscript, originally containing bishop Ulfilas's 4th century translation of the bible into the Gothic language.

  • Ellen LoCicero

    The Gothic alphabet is an alphabet for writing the Gothic language, created in the 4th century by Ulfilas (or Wulfila) for the purpose of translating the Christian Bible. The alphabet is essentially an uncial form of the Greek alphabet, with a few additional letters to account for Gothic phonology: Latin F, two Runic letters to distinguish the /j/ and /w/ glides from vocalic /i/ and /u/, and the ƕair letter to express the Gothic labiovelar.

  • Joseth Moore

    from Wikipedia; File:Wulfila bibel.jpg. A page from the Codex Argenteus, a 6th century bible manuscript in Gothic-->The Gothic alphabet, devised in the 4th century AD to write the Gothic language, based on a combination of Greek and Latin models.

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