Baby Rhino. Rhino Poaching is at Crisis Levels in South Africa.  Poachers have killed almost 200 rhinos in South Africa during the first half of the year – with tha majority of them lost at tourist hotspot Kruger national park, where 126 have been killed.

Rhino Mama and Baby. There is nothing like seeing a rhino in the wild. Black rhino in Zimbabwe.

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Pequeño rinoseronte

Very sad news: Africa’s western black rhino is now officially extinct. Poaching has taken the lives of every single western black rhino on the planet.

Baby and mama rhinos.

David Gulden is a wildlife photographer. Gulden really inspires me because I want to go around the world and take wildlife photography. I like his style because he takes black and white. This emphasizes the details.

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Close to 700 of these magnificent rhinos have been killed here in South Africa and all for a horn that is nothing more than compacted hair. what drives these senseless human animals? Save the rhino.

Black rhino - Despite their name, black rhinos and white rhinos are the same color – brownish gray.

A Black Rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) in Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa. May God protect this beautiful animal from poachers.

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Baby Aardvark

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Strange and Improbably Animal Friendships!

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Baby Rhinoceros

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They are a family of placental mammals. All rhinos are grazers and need a lot of daily food. The rhinoceros is a solitary and territorial animal. The rhinos are threatened by illegal hunting.

We will not be passing on the black rhino to our children, there are only 7 left in the world, not 70, not 17, 7! Just so that thier horns can be ground up and shipped to Asian countries.

A Black Rhinoceros Mother With Her Young Calf in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania, Africa. (Photo By: © Art Wolfe.