It's like they coated these things with heroin or something...

Funny Confession Ecard: Not going to lie, I do a happy dance in my head when I see stuck up bitches from high school being all fatter than me. Winning!

Couldn't agree more =)


So true

"are you mad." "no just thinking"....(you annoy the crap out of me and it's better I just be quiet so I don't make you feel like an idiot)

too true

basically :)

Haha, sometimes true!


. . . every day . . .

Truth, truth, truth.


True story. ;)

all the time

Story of my life!

This is funny and true!!!

All about a waste of time


So very true!

the only thing i miss about my childhood is not having to shave my legs. and forts. i miss forts.