roller skaters

Hell yeah, my kind of women! Women Drive a Motorcycle with a Sidecar, 1930. Photographic print from

Lisa von Cramm, Berlin, 1934 One of so many wonderful photos of and by women in the Weimar Republic 30s trouser pant shirt shoes fashion style historic found photo





His and hers Vintage 1930s Afternoon style casual day wear pants photo print found hat fashion men women white shirt tie boots


Shopping for Shoes: 1930s. Vintage fashion advertisement. #vintage #fashion #shoes

French street fashion 1933.

chicks hanging out - 1940s

Policemen measuring a swimsuit in 1933.

Hot pants and skates is a tough look to pull off, but Sissy makes it work.

*1930s, by the seeberger brothers


New York, 1953.

Vintage Photo - Circus 1933

A young woman on roller skates and her soldier honey, 1940s. #vintage #1940s #WW2

This elegantly gorgeous 1930s Hooded Jacket & Circle Skirt Set is slaying me with its chic awesomeness. #vintage #1930s #fashion #hoods

Come sail with me - 1930s.