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    Software Testing: Blunders to Avoid 1. No Dedicated/Professional Tester 2. Inadequate time for testing 3. Start testing after coding and UT (Unit Testing) is completed 4. Not implementing traceability across the life cycle 5. Not analyzing the defects found in any of the testing to determine the cause For further insight visit:


    #Interview Questions to Reveal Past Mistakes #oops #lunovagroup

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Oh My Grammar! Language Felonies: Top 10 Grammar Errors, Common Mistakes, and the Importance of Correct Grammar (Infographic)

#literacy - great for classrooms or just for those needing to brush up on some #grammar!

Certainly an interesting twist on this. I could see it really helping some kids to remember the difference!

Posted with a desire to help myself and others look a little less silly. :)

Write right ... 10 common grammar mistakes and how to fix them. #writingtips #writingbiz

I don't know how common these words are in the typical 6th grade spoken or written vocabulary and I hope they never need to know the difference between flammable and inflammable but the infographic is still sort of neat.

10 Most Commonly Misused Words [Grammar, vocabulary] - hmmmph!? I thought "PERUSE" meant "to skim over" when reading... REDUNDANT & ENORMITY also are new definitions for me... BUT, we all know that CONVERSATE IS NOT A WORD, right!?

The Top 10 Grammar Mistakes to Avoid Making - I've yet to master the comma. And the semi-colon? Forget it!

**Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-to-keep' literacy tools & fun teaching stuff :) ......10 Tips for Teaching Grammar According to the Common Core