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My co teacher had the best idea! We made a nose wiping station. We set up a mirror, shelf, tissues and a trash can. The kids can look I the mirror and see how to wipe their noses. We will use it later for emotion cards and other exercises!

Great use of 7 habits of Happy kids. Instead of working on multiple behaviors all at once which can be challenging with the younger ones, try sticking with one specific behavior goal for the entire week until it's changed. Then reinforce it when appropriate while working on a new one.

I made this for the 1st Day of 1st Grade this year. Very simple and cute! I'm taking another picture the last week of school and putting the pictures in writing booklets I'm giving to parents.

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Apology of Action Chart for Responsive Classroom Lesson

Apology of Action Chart: Ex: if you say someone's ugly, fix it by saying something you like about her.

quiet critters-when you decide it is important for students to be quiet pass out quiet critters- take them away from students who talk. At the end of the activity anyone who still has a quiet critter gets a prize, point, whatever you use. Brilliant! This would be awesome for long car rides with kids :)

behavior management tool. Instead of putting stickers on their hands, Kids collect their stickers in a book and then "cash" in their stickers for rewards. I really like this because it would be so easy to keep up with and they could practice counting by 5s

Check out these ideas for dealing with tattling in the classroom. Free printable tattle jar label, too!

Classroom rewards, NO TREASURE BOX, I am doing this next year! Save some money honey! This reward box is a good way to manage student behavior. I love that the kids get a reward but it more of an experience instead of toys. Stadard 2.13-2.18.


My Classroom Setup

Students Center and Data Wall. Great ideas for a new school year.

Kristen's Kindergartenfrom Kristen's Kindergarten

New Literacy Work Stations

Kristen's Kindergarten | Kindergarten Classroom ideas

like her clock display and also this whole post about having a "numeracy-rich environment"...we talk all the time about a print-rich environment, but what about the math side of things? hmmm...