Funny Pictures Of The Day – 75 Pics

except it's "FLY, YOU FOOLS!"

Guys With Fancy Lady Hair

omooo XD

Da da dum!!!

Pffffffffft XD

LOL why you should always watch tv shows with the subtitles turned on... Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 86 Pics

Lol wow.

What if food told you the truth. Hahaha too funny the coffee one is so true


I dare you go watch this on YouTube and try not to laugh. Key and peele substitute teacher. Warning: sketchy language.

I know this is long. But it's totally worth it!!

This made me laugh waaaaay too hard

Idk why but I laughed so hard

I've known cats like this O.o

I love the cat. It has the same reaction as I do. WTF?