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How to Fill Pasta for Stuffed Shells

Creating a pastry bag is an easy way to stuff pasta, do fillings or frostings. Kids will want to help more in the kitchen if adults make it fun. Use a ziploc bag or get fancy and go a kitchen store for a real pastry bag with a tip. These are so much fun!!

The Best Snickerdoodle Cookies I’ve Ever Had

Baked Potatoes Many Ways – Quick and Easy Kid Friendly Meals #WholefoodSimply "We love sweet potato. Bake them in your oven or slow cooker and you have some quick and easy lunches! We also think they make perfect breakfasts and dinners. We use sweet potatoes much like others might use bread and grains, anything you may have had on toast, rice, pizza or pasta, try having on sweet potato, my kids love it."