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Go on No Shampoo Days More Often Commercial shampoos are laden with ingredients that make your hair become drier and frizzier. These also often leave residues in your hair that make it even more unmanageable.

Alternate Wash and No Wash Days: Alternate Wash and No Wash Days Whenever you can, try to wash your hair only once every week or, the least number of times that you can take. Your hair will be extremely oily at first as it adjusts to your new hair care routine, you just have to try to tolerate it until it goes back to normal. This first habit is the reason why getting cornrows is also a highly recommended hairstyle to get your tresses longer at the soonest possible time.

Comb Your Hair With a Large Toothed Comb Large Toothed Comb Most days, you shouldn’t comb at all! Never use brush on your extremely curly locks. It gets your hair’s natural curls out of their natural sectioning and waves. That means more frizz for you.

Condition Your Hair to Detangle: Condition Your Hair to Detangle Find products that do not contain ingredients that can harm your hair. Better yet, stick to coconut oil or argan oil. You should also try milk and honey.