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Jason Robards (1922-2000) Radioman 3rd Class USN 1941-45 WW II. Served aboard the USS Northampton in the Pacific returning to Pearl Harbor two days after the Japanese attack. Was in Guadalcanal campaign, Battle of Santa Cruz Island, aboard when ship was torpedoed and sunk. Rescued from ocean next day. Served on USS Nashville in Mindoro invasion. Ship hit by kamikaze in Philippines w/223 casualties. Received Oscar for role of Ben Bradlee in “All the President’s Men” (1976).

5/16/15 5:17a Burton Stephen "Burt" Lancaster (November 2, 1913 – October 20, 1994) at 80 was a Film Actor noted for his Athletic Physique, Blue eyes, Distinctive Manner, Smile, Voice .Burt Lancaster WW2 Service US Army, Special Services Division Oscar Noms Best Actor for ''From Here to Eternity'' 1953 Best Actor Oscar for ''Elmer Gantry'' 1960 Oscar Nom for ''Birdman of Alcatraz'' 1962 Oscar Nom for ''Atlantic City'' 1981


United States Presidents Gallery at Madame Tussauds DC

Dwight Eisenhower

Gerald R. Ford, Jr., United States Navy Lieutenant Years of service: 1942–1946. Served on USS Monterey. Earned 10 battle stars.

TIL an 18 year old marine, Guy Gabaldon, singlehandedly persuaded 1,500 Japanese soldiers at the battle of Saipan to surrender. He was only able to do this because his japanese foster parents had taken him in off the streets when he was 12 and taught him their language.

The ship USS Oklahoma trying to be pulled up again at the damaged Pearl Harbor. It took 3 months of effort that, unfortunately, the ship once set up, rolled over and sank. The disaster was enormous; 2,402 were killed, and more than 1,000 were wounded. The United States suffered losses in installations and means.--Honolulu Magazine

Walter Matthau (1920-2000) SSgt USAAF WW II. Served with the Eighth Air Force as a B-24 radioman-gunner in 453rd Bombardment Group with James Stewart. Best known for his role as Oscar Madison in “The Odd Couple” (1968) and sequel (1998).

Jonathan Winters, USMC WW II. Born 1925. At age 17, he quit high school and joined the Marines serving two and a half years in the Pacific Theater.

Don Knotts joined the U.S. Army at age 19 and went on active duty on June 21, 1943. He served for the duration of Wolrd War II and was discharged on January 6, 1946 with the rank of Technician Grade 5, which was the equivalent of a Corporal. He was awarded the WWII Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal (with 4 bronze service stars), Army Good Conduct Medal, Marksman Badge (with Carbine Bar) and Honorable Service Lapel Pin.

TONY CURTIS (aka Bernard Schwartz) serving in World War II. Before he reinvented himself as a Hollywood star, Curtis served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He was seventeen years old when Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces in Toyko bay, where he was stationed. He witnessed the historic signing ceremony aboard his ship, the U.S.S. Proteus.

*WWII PIN ~ honoring Pearl Harbor hero Dorie Miller, a black messman who was untrained in machine gun use due to rigid Naval segregation policies. Miller took over a machine gun aboard the USS West Virginia and was officially credited with downing two Japanese planes. He was honored as one of the first heroes of World War II, and six months after the attack was given the Navy Cross by Admiral Chester Nimitz.

Buddy Hackett - enlisted in the United States Army during World War II and served for three years in an anti-aircraft battery. He enlisted after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he was 18.

Steve McQueen-Marine Corps-1947-50-served as honor guard to President Truman's yacht. He saved the lives of 5 other Marines during an Arctic exercise, pulling them from a tank before it broke through the ice into the sea.

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General Dwight D. Eisenhower Eisenhower was the chief general in charge of the US forces during World War II, and later went on to be President. This photo was taken a year after victory over Axis forces in WWII. Karsh would go on to photograph Eisenhower as President and in his retirement, where he delighted in showing Karsh the oil painting that he was working on of Churchill for which he used Karsh’s portrait as a source. Date: 1946. Photographer: Yousuf Karsh

Actor Russell Johnson, best known as "The Professor" on Gilligan's Island, served in the US Army Air Force during WWII. He flew 44 combat missions as a bombardier in B-25 bombers. In March 1945, he and two other B-25s were shot down in the Philippines. He broke both his ankles and the radioman next to him was killed. Johnson earned a Purple Heart, among other honors. He was honorably discharged and later served in the Army Reserve. He used his GI Bill to fund his acting lessons.

Soupy Sales (born Milton Supman - January 8, 1926 – October 22, 2009) was an American comedian, actor, radio-TV personality and host, and jazz aficionado. He enlisted in the United States Navy and served on the USS Randall (APA-224) in the South Pacific during the latter part of World War II. He sometimes entertained his shipmates by telling jokes and playing crazy characters over the ship's public address system.