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Genetic Map of the Body's Microbes: 'Discovery the Frenemy Within' by Rob Winslow and Jonathan D. Rockhoff, wsj, image by USDA: How researchers at the Human Microbiome Projecte funded by NIH have produced a genetic map of microbes that live in and on human beings and how this may facilitate and open many doors in medical research. #Genome #Human_Microbiome_Project #NIH #wsj #USDA #Ron_Winslow #Jonathan_D_Rockoff

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Human Body Printables for Kids

My son is loves learning about the human body so we've jumped right into learning about the body with these human body printables for kids.

Mutiny! mutiny in the body is a constant occurrence, many believe, as healthy cells somehow escape the mechanisms that regulate cell growth and turn cancerous. Fortunately, antigens on their surfaces sometimes alter slightly, changing from self to non-self. Thus the cells become targets for Killer T-cells, like these surrounding this large cancer cell.

Challenges of Getting to Mars: NASA's NASA Rover Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror by JPLnews Thanks to @Geoff Dudgeon! #Mars #Rover_Curiosity #NASA #JPLnews

Stunning Map Reveals World's Earthquakes Since 1898 ǀ Plate Tectonics Map |

Scanning Electron Micrographys of Grains of Pollen by micronaut/caters: The large object in the center is pumpkin pollen. The tiny speck below and to the right is forget-me-not pollen. #Pollen #SEM #micronaut #caters

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Human fingertip surface showing fingerprint ridges and sweat...

Human fingertip surface showing fingerprint ridges and sweat droplets.

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Wind Map of the U.S. Will Blow You Away

Wind Map by Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg is updated hourly from the National Weather Service’s forecast database. Wind information is portrayed as white and grey strands, almost like sand or rivulets of mercury. Check out the unbelievable streaming images of North East today! via mashable #Wind_Map