Some abandoned places ....

Inside Abandoned Mansions | At the top center of upstairs balcony would be a big picture of ...

an amazing abandoned glass palace Abandoned places

Abandoned Mansion, then and now

Wow! This is absolutely amazing/scary! It was just left... As if they expected to come back. Pictures like this always amaze me.

Abandoned staircase in Poland

Victoria Abandoned This is so sad. At one time this was amazing. What happened? I wonder.

abandoned old mansions california | Old Staircase in an Abandoned House in France - Photorator

Abandoned Tree House


Abandoned. This is abandoned? I will take it off someone's hands. I'll bet is has an amazing garden. And a pool. And a unicorn.

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abandoned old house

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Abandoned Victorian glass house

Ruin by Flemming Beier Photography)

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a collection from an amazing photographer who photographs old abandoned buildings. These images are beautiful in a unique an creepy way. These images allow us to explore the building without ever having to leave our own homes.