Use these as a craft for the girls to hand out during the Earth and Sky journey while we recognize those that help raise our spirits and put us in good moods...or even to those who need a boost.

I plan to make these as Warm Fuzzies for the feelings part of the Between Earth & Sky journey

girl scout daisies - between the earth and sky - blue bucket award - feelings and plant parts

Girl Scout Daisy kaper flower. Each girl has a Busy Bee with there name on it. The girl who draws the center is called the "Queen Bee" and either gets the day off from helping or will be the leaders main helper. The girls love having jobs at our meetings and it helps things move along.

Mini First Aid Kit We will use this toward the Safety Award during our first week of the Journey. (We're preparing for our trip.)

Girl Scout Helped me come out of my shell.

Eagle craft (3 Cheers for Animals Daisy Journey) - one to add to the troop mural and then the girls each make one to take home.

Peanut butter bird treat idea for "...3 Cheers for Animals!" Journey.

8 Awesome Girl Scout Ideas - Craft Ideas Girl Scouts Will Love

An entire site of toilet paper roll crafts

GS Law Daisy

what a cute idea for Daisy Girl Scouts

Daisy Girl Scout Craft

Friendly and Helpful Daisy Petal..Here are ideas, crafts and games to help learn the Yellow Petal. Our blog has tons of helpful ideas. Check it out!

Troop 1138: Daisy Friendly and Helpful: Helping Hands Coupon Book

Crafts for Kids

crafts for kids

Girl Scouts Daisies - Between Earth and Sky - Ideas for earning the Blue Bucket Award..."Blue Bucket Bouquet" craft, simple sail car plans and conflict resolution book suggestion.

Love these little Girl Scout Cookie hand signs!

Change the color to all brown Journey One - Daisy Flower Garden Chapter 5 - Worms

Daisy Girl Scout Red Petal, Courageous and Strong. Here is our blog filled with great ideas, games, activities and crafts to help your girls earn their petals.