Confidence Family Night Lesson.

Paper Plate Game - team building activity for youth

How to Teach Gratitude to Your Children: The #Gratitude #Game from FHE!

Great lesson on words and how they affect you. Love & Hate Rice jars. LOL you have to read this, it's crazy and awesome! Great lesson idea for FHE

Object Lesson on the Holy Ghost using lifesavers. This is a fun LDS site that has FHE lessons, Sunday ideas... etc.

Family Home Evening Idea: Accountability

Object Lesson: Peer Pressure in a Bottle This is an object lesson on peer pressure. You'll need a balloon, black Sharpie marker, and an empty water bottle.

choosing good friends object lesson and more FHE lessons

FHE Idea - Choosing Good Friends-we did this last year with our boys..they loved it! It'd be a good FHE at the beginning of every school year!

This blog has A LOT of awesome FHE ideas :) Love the object lessons!

Repentance Object Lesson

Armor of God - Object lesson

Blindfold Dinner to Teach Kids gratitude and empathy. Easy FHE idea for the family.

Family Night ~ Teach Them Some Respect!

30 activities to teach children about the family proclamation - this is amazing!

LDS, New Curriculum : The Atonement: for Saints & Sinners, an object lesson that goes along the the lesson "How can the Atonement help me with my trials"

Lip Gloss poem for a girl's group lesson on gossiping...last stanza needs to be altered for use in a public school

Colorful Candy Object Lesson for Children

Lesson on Lying

Really cute YW lesson about the kind of guy you want to marry using candy bars.

awesome Easter FHE