great creative activities for this book

Square Cat by Elizabeth Schoonmaker - Eulah the cat is square and, while she longs to be round like other cats, her friends show her the benefits of the shape that she has.

Preschool Math- What Do Kids Need to Learn?

Preschool Math: What Do Kids Need to Learn?

Kindergarten-Kindergarten Blog

shape PowerPoint from Kindergarten Kindergarten- give kids shapes and have them hold up the ones they see.

Shape Monsters - Kids use all shapes to build a monster, then count how many of each shape - perhaps even make a bargraph of how many of each shape. love this.

Have fun making these cool shape monster crafts. These shape creatures are great for teaching kids about shapes or during Halloween. We have printable templates for each craft.

Teaching Expectations--noise level

Too Loud!: Guido Van Genechten: Teaching Expectations--noise level I need this today my classes are much too loud

Awesome FREE Addition Cards for LEGOS. What a great way to teach kids about addition! Perfect math center for kindergarten, first grade or second grade.

This lego activity helps the preschoolers with their basic math (counting, addition, and subtraction). The legos allows kids to physically do the math to find the answer.

Roll 2 dice to make a number, draw it, and write how many tens and how many ones -- kids love it!

can adjust to fit grade skills.Place Value Roll it, Make it, Expand it Math Station ~ 4 different levels (this is the highest, other 2 are -- roll dice to make a number then draw it and expand it **alter to include decimals and word form!

Great Poem for All about Me/Beginning of School! Goes with the book Chrysanthemum!

Great Poem for All about Me/Beginning of School! Goes with the book Chrysanthemum!

Books = Fun: Square Cat ~ Creative Family Fun ~ making our own square cats based on the book Square Cat

Books = Fun: Square Cat

I've never heard of this book but it looks like it has potential.square cats would be easy for little kids to draw!