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Gorgeous butterfly

A rare image of a flying peacock. Truly amazing photograph!


#so65 #volare

Unlikely friends

˚Carmine Bee-eater (Merops nubicus)

A school of stingrays.

Beach dog.

WOW! This is freakin amazing! What a great mule!!! =D

Crested Coua. All puffed up! by Pat L.314

Puffin in Shetland, Scotland UK by JC Richardson on Flickr.

Beautiful Sleeping Flamingo ♥ No one knows for sure why flamingoes stand on one leg. Theories include conservation of body heat and promoting ciriculation.

How cute is this.... cutest dog I've ever seen!

14 colores! by Diego Reyes Arellano ♥ ♥ www.paintingyouwithwords.com

Albino Alligator by mrjoro, via Flickr

These chicks who are attacking their puppy friend with cuddles.

Chihuahua in boots... omg.

White Mandarin Drake

A very well-posed family of Atlantic Puffins.