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  • Barbara ...... Saved By The Grace Of God

    HARVEST SNACK MIX 2 cups pretzel sticks 1 cup mixed nuts 1/2 cup sunflower kernels 6 tablespoons butter, melted 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves 8 cups popped popcorn 1 cup candy corn 1 cup chocolate bridge mix

  • Connie Oswalt

    Fall Snack Mix - 10 cups of popcorn (popped) - 1 package of peanut butter chips - 1 cup of chocolate chips - 1 cup of candy corn - add some pretzel sticks (optional) What to do: 1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together.

  • Amy Fleming

    Halloween Food

  • Shannon Hartman Fansler

    Halloween Party Food Ideas: Harvest Snack Mix Recipe

  • Mary Waller

    halloween snack mix: mix together popped popcorn, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, candy corn, pretzel sticks! Halloween party - here I come !

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Smores Snack Mix Recipe but I'd use white chocolate!

Pumpkin Snack Mix Recipe - popcorn, Cheerios, Chex, peanuts, candy pumpkins all covered with a sugary sweetness.

Harvest Snack Mix (scroll down in the post) We could do chocolate graham fish crackers and peanut with candy corn instead of the cheese and chocolates.

Halloween Snack Mix: Hint: I have made this with chocolate covered raisins and I've also made it with peanut M and I've tried tiny peanut butter cups. If you don't care much for candy corn get creative and add something you do like.

Nacho Snack Mix -•4 cups Crispix •1 can (4-1/2 ounces) crisp cheese ball snacks •3 cups corn chips •2 cups pretzel sticks •1 cup cheese-flavored snack crackers •2 tablespoons taco seasoning •1/2 cup vegetable oil •1/2 cup butter, melted

candycorn bugles snack mix - yummy sounding snack mix but don't think I would ever take the time to dip bugles in 3 separate colors. I think I would just drizzle white chocolate on the mix.

Ranch Snack Mix - this is the best stuff ever !!! whenever i make a big batch and take it to work, it never lasts for very long. everyone loves it!!!!

Harvest Bars Ingredients 1/2 cup butter, softened 1 package yellow cake mix with pudding 1 egg 3 1/2 cups miniature marshmallows 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup brown sugar, firmly packed 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 2 cups Crispix Cereal 2 cups peanuts, lightly salted 1 cup candy corn

Autumn Party Mix: 1 bag of Autumn Mix, 1 bag of Indian Corn, 1 bag of Reese's Pieces, 1 can of Party Peanuts, 1 cup of Sunflower seeds,1 cup pumpkin seeds, 1 cup of Raisins, 1 cup of Mini Pretzels

"candy corn" parfait...start with pineapple chunks at the bottom for the yellow, add clementine slices for the orange middle and top with whip cream or a dab of vanilla ice cream!

Autumn party mix :: candy corn, pretzels, peanuts, raisins, pumpkin caramels...

Halloween Chex Mix 8 oz white chocolate chips 4 cups Corn Chex cereal 2 cups bite-size pretzel twists 1 cup candy corn M/mini Reese's PB cups 1 cup candy corn 1/4 cup orange and black sprinkles