milk makes you stronger

Really fun packaging for Coke!

Pink Glasses #wine #package designed by Luksemburk

Mexico’s Independence Bicentenary - Jalisco, Coca-Cola - 2010


Coca-Cola syrup container from 1906, it was a few years after cocaine was removed from the formula, which was around 1903.

Beach & Back -- nice box

Coca Cola's '“Tribute to Fashion” charity project


Do not get the point of limited edition bottles | At least they're pretty?

The Gogol Mogul egg cook-in packaging by KIAN

Manolo Blahnik – Coca Cola bottle - Celebrate Life

fantastic carton design!

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50 bold, beautiful & brilliant package designs

Diet Coke Launches New 'Love It Light' Campaign, Complete With Floral Soda Cans!! (UK and Europe) #TopPin2014

Coca-Cola asked various Italian fashion designers to adorn a bottle of Coca-Cola Light. This one is from Blumarine, link has more. :)

Cider can label. love

Malibu Coke Light?