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26 Week Money Challenge (for People who get paid every 2 weeks

On Super Coupon Lady, we challenged everyone to participate in the 52 Week Challenge! However, we had lots of readers on the Super Coupon Lady Facebook pageask to have a 26 Week Money Challengesince they get paid every ...
  • Gina Bergey

    26 week savings plan

  • Jess Loveland

    26 week Money Challenge for those who get paid every 2 weeks. This sounds much easier than the 52 week challenge.

  • Yechian Rohena

    Save Money Challenge

  • Connie Magee

    26 week Money Challenge for those who get paid every 2 weeks.....I have $ from my paycheck automatically deposited into a savings account. I never see it or miss it.

  • Emily Kohen

    26 week money saving challenge

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I am so doing this...52 Week Money Saving Challenge 26 Week Double

Bi-Weekly Money Savings Challenge... For those who get paid every other week.

26-Week-Bi-Weekly-Money-Challenge because I get paid bi-weekly AND I will reverse it so if I quit halfway through I've still snowballed a lot savings.

for me I think I would start with the $52 and work down, I always atart out Gung Ho, and it seems to peter out...this way the less you have to put in, you'd still have the same amount at the end.... Effortless savings, take the 52 week money challenge! Play with numbers you get the idea.

The 52 - Week Money Saving Challenge. Should have started this weeks before Christmas!

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A neat way to save for Christmas or vacation or something fun.

52 Week Money Challenge and to think I was going to do $20 every week.... This will actually allow me to get use to it gradually and have more money saved at the end of year!

52 week money challenge ... broken down weekly/bi-weekly/semi-monthly/monthly