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should be a good workout

Looking for a calorie burning workout that doesn't take a lot of time? I've got you covered! The elliptical is a great option for an effective no-impact total body workout. With a few tips and this 30-minute HIIT workout you can burn calories and increase your heart rate with total body muscle toning. Pin it now and workout later or download the FREE printable workout at and get it done. @jillconyers

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Workout Gear

GREAT tips to selecting the best workout gear (sports bras, shoes, and spandex)!! Tips for Choosing the Right Workout Gear #fitness #gear #workout

Printable Workout: Spring Has Sprung - Plyometric Workout. Great workout to start getting in shape for bathing suit season!

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I do this all the time. Once I have my workout clothes on it just seems stupid to take them off before they're sweaty. It's a mind game. :)

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