It's time to use your kids in your next workout. Tons of fitness tips for moms and their kids.


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Track Workout

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GREAT tips to selecting the best workout gear (sports bras, shoes, and spandex)!! Tips for Choosing the Right Workout Gear #fitness #gear #workout

Tip yourself $1 each time you workout and after every 100 workouts, treat yourself to something!!

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She has tons of great tips.

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How do your music choices affect your workout? Get the tips on the best BPMs and beats to increase your workout intensity from YouBeauty.

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Running Tips: Remember "FIT" for your workouts! Frequency (how often), Intensity (how fast/adding inclines), and Time (how long)

Late Schedule? No Problem! How to Have the Best Nighttime Workout Ever - If your morning starts early and a midday workout isn't an option, an evening workout might be the only thing that fits into your busy schedule. Getting into the groove of consistent nighttime workouts can prove to be tough for people who prefer to exercise in the morning; if you can relate, remember these tips to make sure stick to your late-night workouts and have a better overall experience.

Our kids want to be with us, and we want to workout! Can we really do both?! Here are 10 tips to exercise WITH kids!

Great tips on what and when to eat before you workout to get maximum results

5 tips to help you recover after a workout #ambassador

13 Smart Ways to Boost Workout Intensity...this is good!