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Throw a science-themed carnival this summer! Build this dunk bucket for a "cool" lesson about the center of mass.

The Weekend in Crappy Pics! Gearing up for Camp Cheapo- season 2! First up, homemade Dunk Bucket.

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A Carnival / Circus Themed Birthday Party

The goal is to knock down the ping pong balls off of the tees with the squirt gun.

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carnival party Birthday Party Ideas

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Tic Tac Throw Tic Tac Throw is so much fun!! Velcro pads ""catch"" the Velcro balls while you try to beat your opponent at a game of Tic Tac Toe....playing agaist the game for a prize or against an opponent....this game is a must have for any carnival!!

Fun science carnival activities from MSI. Learn about pressure with this water blaster and target.

Penny Drop Inexpensive game using a fish tank, jar, water and pennies! Great for an ocean theme party or an outdoor party with carnival style games. MATERIALS - Aquarium, Small glass vase or jar, Water, Pennies INSTRUCTIONS - Fill tank with water. Place jar in tank. Drop pennies and if it goes into the jar, it's a winner. TIPS - Weigh down jar with pennies if needed.

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Backyard Carnival Games Birthday Party Ideas

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Less expensive than a dunk tank! Sponge toss - use a leaf/pumpkin shaped sponge or red, orange, and yellow sponges.

Home made outdoor games for the kids. Ideas for birthday parties, events & celebrations. DIY Activities perfect for fun summer crafts & games kids will have fun playing. Great carnival, circus or pool party theme ideas for entertaining.

Marble Race –-using only your feet, how many marbles can you get out of a bucket of water in just one minute? Fun!

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DIY Outdoor Games

So doing this in the summer


Backyard Dunk Tank

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