pole bean trellis Whats at Stake: Pole Beans Need Your Support

Trellis for my raspberries. My current raspberry bed need some work.

Another pinner said, "We made an arch like this for beans last year and it was great!" I LOVE THIS IDEA!

pea trellis

Low Cost & No Cost Trellis Ideas | The 104 Homestead - Trellis your vining vegetables using little to no money.

Trellis between two raised beds increases your growing space and creates shade!

green bean teepees. This is amazing! What a great idea for some serious green bean growing. This would also work for strawberries, peas, grapes and possibly squash varieties. Basically, anything that can grow vertically!

Walk through trellis made of hog wire. We call it cattle panel. Love this for pole beans or any other climbing vine.

The little pea vines cling and twine nicely around string, and this simple trellis is perfect to pack a lot of peas into a small area. By using jute, hemp, or cotton twine, and bamboo or pruned branches for a frame, you can simply compost the frame after harvest, if needed.

Raised bed garden trellis - I can imagine a great tunnel by the end of the summer!

Archway between raised beds for cucumbers/beans to climb up. For next year's peas?

idea for green bean trellis

"A kitchen garden guaranteed to make you smile" ... can't seem to find much info attached to this but I like the copper pipe archway with the hanging bird feeders. Looks fun & functional =)

This picture shows 2 espaliered cherry trees & 2 espaliered apple trees on a lattice pergola/trellis. The combination of plants and lattice provides privacy screening between the two yards.

Amazing Trellis >> Love this set up!

Here's an a-frame trellis design your climbing veggies will love you for.

bike wheel trellis

Idea to trellis cucumbers

Awesome variety of ideas for growing beans, peas, or other vining plants.

What a cute and cleaver idea! Clear around the planting area, for productive growth of the beans. Greate hideaway for kids in the yard, leave the grass in the center.

Not a big fan of PVC, but love the idea for a walk-in cucumber trellis!